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backup academy podcast

Backup academy podcasts are focused on providing necessary knowledge on various VM backup topics and are great tool that you can use to learn more about different technologies and methods even when you are offline. Each podcast, which covers one of the topics from the Backup Academy, is hosted by one of our professors and lasts 20-50 minutes. The Backup Academy podcasts are now available through an RSS subscribtion!

vSphere 5.5: new features and tips
by Rick Vanover

In this new session Rick covers some of his favorite features in the vSphere 5.5 release and even shows a live demo. In this track you will learn:

  • new vSphere 5.5 features
  • nested ESXi and Autolab
  • additional vSphere 5 resources
  • upgrade tips
  • and more!

Join Rick in this new session and share your thoughts in the related blog post!

Windows Server 2012 R2: What’s new
by Mike Resseler

In this new session, Mike Resseler covers all major updates of the latest Windows Server 2012 R2. He talks about changes and additions to:

  • File Services and Storage
  • Networking
  • Clustering
  • Hyper-V
  • Windows PowerShell
  • WDS
  • Directory Services & Security and much more.

Watch video and learn more at http://www.backupacademy.com/hyper-v-training-videos.html

Keeping Hyper-V healthy
by Brien Posey

In this new session Brien Posey explains what routine tasks Hyper-V requires to remain healthy including:

  • Resource metering
  • Patching
  • Cluster aware updating
  • Reporting

Learn more and watch this session at http://www.backupacademy.com/hyper-v-health-monitoring.html


VMware vCloud Director and how it works
by David Hill

In this Backup Academy podcast David Hill (vExpert) covers the following topics:

  • Business Requirements
  • VMware vCloud Director Architecture
  • Virtual Data Centers
  • Allocation Models
  • Networking
  • And much more!

Watch this session and learn more at http://www.backupacademy.com/vmware-vcloud-director-how-it-works.html


How to do a backup wrong: Top mistakes
by Rick Vanover

In this new session Rick Vanover tells whow to do your VM backup wrong and describing the top mistakes in the the following areas:

  • backup types
  • consistency levels
  • capacity calculations
  • restore expectations
  • and more!

Learn more and watch this session at http://www.backupacademy.com/how-to-do-vm-backup-wrong-top-mistakes.html


Hyper-V R3 - What’s New in Windows Server 2012
by Brien Posey

In this new session Brien Posey explains what are the new features and updates in Hyper-V R3, including:

PowerShell Management

  • Memory Balooning
  • Live Migrations (beyond the cluster, shared nothing Live Migration)
  • Failover Clustering
  • Storage Migrations
  • Hyper-V Replica
  • Virtual Fibre Channel
  • NIC Teaming
  • Offload datacenter and more!

Learn more and watch this session at http://www.backupacademy.com/hyper-v-3-0-whats-new-windows-server-2012.html


Backup strategies for Hyper-V
by Chris Henley

In this Backup Academy podcast Chris Henley talks about:

  • Hyper-V VM architecture
  • VSS process
  • Changed Block Tracking
  • Forward incremental backup
  • Increment injection
  • Synthetic backup
  • Reversed incremental backup
  • How replication works

Learn more and watch this session at http://www.backupacademy.com/backup-strategies-for-hyper-v.html


Basic principles of backup policies
by Andrea Mauro

In this Backup Academy podcast Andrea Mauro (vExpert) covers the following topics:

  • What is a backup policy
  • Design a backup plan
  • What defines a backup policy
  • Where do backups go
  • How will backups be performed

Watch this session and alearn more at http://www.backupacademy.com/basic-principles-backup-policies.html


Data deduplication in virtualized environments
by Marc Crespi

In this Backup Academy podcast Marc Crespi from Exagrid covers Deduplication topic from A to Z:

  • What is Deduplication?
  • Why Use Deduplication in Backup and Recovery?
  • Challenges of Deduplication in Virtualized Environments
  • Deduplication approaches (two camps)
  • Deduplication’s Role in Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Learn more and watch this session at http://www.backupacademy.com/data-deduplication-virtualized-environments.html


Best practices for Hyper-V backups
by Greg Shields

In this Backup Academy podcast Greg Shields (vExpert) covers the following topics:

  • What, how, from where and with what to backup
  • VSS idiosyncrasies
  • Disk Types Impact Backups
  • Windows Server Backup

Learn more and watch this session at http://www.backupacademy.com/best-practices-hyper-v-backups.html


Multi-site clustering for Hyper-V disaster recovery
by Greg Shields

In this Backup Academy podscast Greg Shields (vExpert) explains:

  • What makes a disaster
  • Multi-Site Hyper-V vs Single-Site Hyper-V
  • Constructing Site-Proof Hyper-V
  • Replication Processing Location
  • Target Servers and a Cluster
  • Multi-Site Cluster and Quorums
  • Multi-Site Cluster Tips/Tricks

Get more details and watch more sessions by Greg at http://www.backupacademy.com/multi-site-clustering-hyper-v-disaster-recovery.html


Physical vs Virtual Backups
by Rick Vanover

In this Backup Academy podcast Rick Vanover (vExpert) covers the following topics:

  • How backups for physical systems work
  • How backups for virtual machines work
  • What frameworks are available for backups
  • How restore situations are impacted
  • Service catalogs and virtualization’s impact
  • Opportunities by platform
  • Considerations for licensing, management and administration

Watch this session and get more details at http://www.backupacademy.com/physical-vs-virtual-backups.html


vSphere 5 Changes for Backups and Administration
by Rick Vanover

In this Backup Academy podcast Rick Vanover (vExpert)  talks about:

  • VMware vSphere 5
  • Major changes in scale
  • Virtual machine hardware version 8
  • Major changes in storage
  • Storage DRS
  • VDDK 5
  • VMFS-5
  • New version of HA
  • How backups are impacted with vSphere 5

Watch this session and more session by Rick Vanover at http://www.backupacademy.com/vsphere-5-changes-backup-and-administration.html


Best practices for VMware backups
by Rick Vanover

In this Backup Academy podcast Rick Vanover (vExpert) covers the follwoing topics:

  • Backup requirements and how-to
  • Difference-making technologies
  • Considerations of image-based backups
  • Virtual machine design and provisioning
  • Organization of backups
  • Ensuring application consistency
  • Testing recoverability
  • Considerations for multiple OSes and applications
  • Retention, availability and integrity

Get more details on this topiс and watch video at http://www.backupacademy.com/best-practices-vmware-backups.html


Disaster recovery of VMware workloads
by David Davis

In this Backup Academy podcast David Davis (vExpert) talks about:

  • Preparing for Disaster
  • Types of Disasters
  • RTO vs. RPO
  • VMware High Availability (VMHA)
  • VMware Fault Tolerance (FT)
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
  • SRM Requirements

Watch this session and learn more at http://www.backupacademy.com/disaster-recovery-vmware-workloads.html


Why virtual machine backups are different
by David Davis

In this Backup Academy podcast presented by David Davis (vExpert) you will hear about:

  • Hardware Independence
  • Image Level vs. File Level Backups
  • Change Block Tracking (CBT)
  • New Possibilities With VM Backups – Fast Restore, Replication, Virtual Lab, and more
  • Traditional Backup Doesn’t Understand Virtualization

Learn more about this session at http://www.backupacademy.com/why-virtual-machine-backups-different.html


VMware backup integrity tools
by Eric Siebert

In this Backup Academy podcast Eric Siebert covers the following topics:

  • Why backup integrity is critical
  • Traditional backup verification methods
  • How virtualization makes verification easier
  • Quiescing is critical to consistency
  • VMware Tools is important

Learn more about this session at http://www.backupacademy.com/vmware-backup-integrity-tools.html


Core technologies used for virtual machine backup
by Eric Siebert

In this Backup Academy podcast you will hear Eric Siebert (vExpert) talking about:

  • Virtual Environment Backup Methods
  • Virtual Machine Snapshots
  • Disk-to-Disk Backups
  • Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)
  • vStorage APIs
  • Data Deduplication
  • Data Compression

Lear more about this topic and wahtch video at http://www.backupacademy.com/core-technologies-vm-backups.html


Backing up enterprise applications: transaction consistency is key
by Elias Khnaser

In this Backup Academy Podcast Elias Khnaser (vEpxert) is talking about:

  • What Is Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS)?
  • Why VSS?
  • VSS Components
  • Native Operating System VSS Backup
  • VMware vSphere 4.x Backups
  • Agent Assisted VSS Aware Backups
  • How Volume Shadow Copies Are Created
  • Agent Assisted VSS Aware Restore

You can watch this video (transcription available) at http://www.backupacademy.com/backing-up-enterprise-applications-transaction-consistency.html


Restore capabilities of VMware backups
by Eric Siebert

In this Backup Academy podcast  Eric Siebert (vExpert) covers:

  • Data restore levels
  • Bare-metal restores
  • File-level restores
  • Application-level restores

Watch this session and learn more at http://www.backupacademy.com/restore-capabilities-vmware-backups.html


Backup Academy - what is it?

In this episode Rick Vanover, most frequent contributor and one of the creators of Backup Academy explains why Backup Academy is a great community resourse for both getting started with virtualization and those who are already familiar with  virtualization technology.

Backup Academy’s goal is to help you become a virtual machine backup expert, so you can better meet the challenges of this changing environment. Backup Academy’s educational content is brought to you by renowned virtualization industry experts.

Explore all the videos, professors and free certification at http://www.backupacademy.com/.

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